Miguel PiresHigh-quality consulting services across all facets of legal and practical aspects of blockchain.

Cryptourism.io Miguel Pires

Legal Advisor

Areas of expertise

Blockchain | Smart Contracts | Litigation | Arbitrage | Labor Law | IP Law | Immigration/Golden Visa; | Tax Law/NHR | Credit Recovery | Real Estate Law | Consumer Law | Insurance Law | E-commerce.

As a lawyer, he offers a combination of expertise in blockchain technology, smart contracts, legal consulting, and tax law. With extensive experience as Founder and Lawyer for MSP Advogado, his clients have found great success utilizing my services. Recently, he has:

• Provided and consulted on litigation for multiple insurance companies
• Led successful NHR – tax regime requests for over 100 clients
• Served as a key advisor on several blockchain projects and white paper reviews
• Drafted and conducted extensive smart contracts analysis

He is also skilled at fostering professional relationships that span international borders and providing exceptional customer service to all clients. In addition to his professional experiences, Miguel has had a proven history in:

• Litigation Strategy
• International Law
• Legal Support
• Research & Negotiation

Leveraging his in-depth expertise, he delivers high-quality consulting services across all facets of legal and practical aspects of blockchain technology and smart contract.


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