Hello investors! Welcome to Cryptourism.io

Hello investors! Welcome to Cryptourism.io

My name is Andre Maia and I am a senior hospitality manager in London.

Since I arrive to London in 2008 I been progressing in the career until today in the most exclusive Hotels and Private Clubs.

My passion took over me and in 2019 after speaking to some friend and family members we manage to buy a property we intend to call “The Oasis” in the middle of Portugal. We raised $65k to buy the house, 4k$ to advance with a plan permition and 6k$ to drill a water well 150 meters deep. We had spend $75k in all process until now. Since the Corona Virus I decided to go back to Portugal and operate the business myself. Since I am blockchain enthusiast since 2016 with participation in past ICOs and web designer skills I decided to launch my own ICO raising funds to speed up the process to open the doors.


The mission and vision of Cryptourism is to provide a luxury guest experience in the most relax environment where you less expect and the clock still ticking 40 years behind the stress of big cities.

Felgueira is a small village in the middle of Portugal with a dense forestall region and the traditional Portuguese life style can be enjoyed.


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