Cryptourism Pay Day and White Paper 2.0 Launch

It is with extreme satisfaction that we announce we have completed our Private Pre-Sale on August 31st and have just distributed the tokens to all the participating investors. In total we distributed 750.000 CTR, which is the total amount designated for the Private Pre-Sale sold for a price of 0.10$ each. CTR tokens are now distributed among 8 wallets.

As we prepare for the Pre-Sale launch in 13 days, we have in the meantime added International Lawyer Miguel de Sousa Pires, who brings his experience in the blockchain world to Cryptourism and will serve as legal advisor to the project.

Nuno Sequeira will come on board to support in social media, live chats and blog development. We have updated the white paper and published version 2.0 this week, with greater detail over Cryptourism’s proposed solution in the cryptospace.

Visit us today at to be part of the first Decentralized Tourism Investment.

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